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29 July 27 July, 2008

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What a terrible thing I did !

If I had known that Mum would be struggling with her emotions and unbearable pains throughout the film, I wouldn’t have tried to make her go with me. Such a disrespectful son I am ! But all I want to do is to help Mum come over the shock, all I want to do is to see Dad the last time with her … I never knew everything would turn out like this !

Her heart beat fast when the trailers stopped and the film began. Then appeared Dad with his familiar clothes, familiar voice, his familiar posture. Whenever Dad moved, talked or shouted at Kumari, she felt heartbroken. I did  hope that the scene in which Dad reclined in the chair and got absorbed in the newspaper would bring back all the good past memories in the family, but instead, her infinite love for him prevented her from enjoying the show. It turned out to be a knife cutting her heart apart.

She burst out a sob then fainted. The whole room panicked. I almost went out of my mind when I saw her laying on the floor. I was stunned to think that I was going to lose Mum just like the way I lost Dad. Even worse, I thought that I killed Mum myself. I wailed and cried and screamed. Luckily, someone told me that she had just fainted and there’s no need to make a fuss, I quickly regained my faculties and fetched a jutka to take us home. But I could still hear Dad’s voice loud and clear thundering from the cinema ‘Kumari ! Will you go out or shall I throw you out ?’ and all the way home I still felt it echoing in my head over and over again …

I burst into tears, both affected by Mum’s breakdown and by the feeling that this was the final parting from Dad. They would change the picture the next day.


28 July

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Finally I am able to persuade Mum ! She seems to be unable to put up with my annoyance any more ! She agrees to go with me tomorrow. She can’t keep procrastinating watching the picture forever. Tomorrow is also the final show, it will be the final parting. But at least Mum is going with me, so I won’t feel like suffering alone. If only she knew how terrible I feel at the end of each night.

I’m glad that finally she will see her beloved husband. Maybe Dad’s appearance will relieve her shock ? I hope she will feel more secure and relaxed after watching the film. I have been really worried about her ever since then …


27 July

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I’m feeling more depressed that the film would only last for a few more shows. As soon as it ended each night I started longing for the next day’s show. But it broke my heart to realise that while I was enjoying Dad’s company each night, I was also taking a step nearer to the final parting. I wish I could freeze the time to be with him forever …

All in all I must persuade Mum to go with me. There’s little time left.


26 July

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Today I asked Mum if I could see the night show as well, but she bothered too much about the lessons. How can’t she know that while lessons could wait, the film lasts only a week, more or less. And how can she be so indifferent to Dad’s presence ? Doesn’t she want to see him up and about again, at least just for 3 hours ? I’m still trying to get her to go watch it with me. She must watch it, definitely.

And I counted that throughout the picture Dad gave Kumari six slaps :)). Ohh those slaps when I was small … if only I could turn back time !


25 July

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I saw the film again today ! Now I’m starting to pay more attention to the plot of the film, not to Dad alone. The girl, Kumari, kind of wants to continue with her education rather than accepting the marriage that her family have arranged for her. She tries her best to avoid it and gain admission into university to study business. But Dad is certainly against it, he gets very angry and casts the poor girl away. However, in the end, after seeing his daughter becoming a successful businesswoman, he forgives her and welcomes her home.

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the cinema. When it turned dark I felt like the world was only me with him alone. Every word he said to Kumari was like saying to me. But when the film ended it’s really terrible. I couldn’t bear to part with him again …


24 July 26 July, 2008

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This morning I skipped all the way to school in great excitement. I tried to get Arun to go watch the picture with me, but after all I realised that it’s pointless to debate with such a snob like him (he only favours English picture). But indeed this picture is gonna be different, it’s not like a stereotyped Tamil film at all. No hero, no dancing and minimum of music. Most importantly it’s got Dad in it.

And he didn’t let me down. From the moment he appeared on the screen with his familiar dhoti and his stern voice and his favourite posture, I was totally captured with emotions. I watched every move of Dad carefully as if it was the last chance I’d ever see him again. I envied with Kumari, the protagonist girl, for delighting Dad so much. He patted on her shoulder every time she gave the right answer. Suddenly I recalled the rare occasion on which I was able to answer ‘3 hours’ and then how he jumped up from the chair with sheer joy …

Memories were like a waterfall flowing through my mind. When the film ended I still hold back, lingering to see his last image vanishing into the the trail of the projector’s light. I became lonely again and ran quickly back home. Mum was waiting anxiously. Throughout the dinner I talked about the film without ceasing, I imitated his posture in the film, acted like him, talked like him, but Mum just kept listening in grim silence. She refused to make any comment, but allowed to give me four annas each day to see the film.

I’m coming back to the cinema tomorrow ! Anyone wants to go with me ?


23 July 23 July, 2008

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Dad must have known how much I’ve been longing for him since the day he left: my heart jumped at the moment I saw the film’s advertisement on the streets and joyful boys carrying placards and huge coloured portraits of him. I stopped at every corner that the poster of the film is on, devouring every word on it and gazing at my hale and hearty Dad. I couldn’t believe he’s going to speak, move and sing like he did. It is no wonder that the film is the most wonderful gift that Dad has generously presented to me !

At dinner I told Mum about all the things I saw along way home and tried to talk her into going to the cinema with me tomorrow. But she has not quite come over the shock yet, she declined watching the film, reasoning that she couldn’t just bear to see him like he was still alive. and that at home everyday she had been seeing enough pictures of him … How can’t she differentiate between those lifeless pictures and this picture, which features him living as a real person !

But whatever, I must have four annas to see the film tomorrow !